Keep Your Residence Rodent-Free

Keep Your Residence Rodent-Free

Kick out rats and mice with rodent control in Cortlandt Manor, NY and Westchester County

The rodents in your home are likely to chew through your curtains and leave droppings in your cabinets. County Termite & Pest Control, Inc. takes care of them with rodent control. We'll stop the mice and rats in your house and keep them from coming back.

Once the temperature drops, rodents will want to keep warm by holing up in your house. Don't let them. They'll be reluctant to leave their cozy new environment, which is where we come in. We recommend putting protective rodenticide stations along the exterior of your property.

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Connect with a rat exterminator to form a plan

A skilled rat exterminator can get rid of the rats in your home and make sure they stay gone. We use bait and traps to stop rodents in your home. Anticoagulant rodenticides have proven to be very effective against rat infestations. We'll also seal up cracks and gaps in your home that might allow rodents to slip through and start nesting.

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